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Smart Swimsuits® are the best swimwear that let the sun shine through

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Smart because it gives you a full tan without getting naked

How does Tan Through Swimwear work?

Tan Through Swimwear promotes an even tan by allowing UV light to pass through the fabric.

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Eco-friendly fabric leaves no white residue from tanning

What are Tan Through Swimwear made of?

Special innovative patented fabrics are used in the manufacturing process.

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Special dye on the mesh fabric hides the body underneath

Is the swimwear fabric mesh-like?

This special fabric is transparent to the rays like a net. The body remains invisible!

What is a Tan Through Swimwear and how does it work?

What You Should Know About No-Tan-Line Swimsuits

Tan Through Swimwear by Smart Swimsuits® is swimwear with the ability to tan without leaving a trace of your swimsuit.

The Tan Through Swimwear is made of a special fabric. Its structure resembles a net. Sunlight passes through its cells. In addition, this mesh fabric does not transmit the harmful part of the ultraviolet spectrum that can damage the skin. As a result, the Smart Swimsuit provides sun protection equivalent to an SPF35 sunscreen.

This fabric option is patented by Smart Swimsuits®.

A smart swimsuit has a number of other benefits: it shapes the body, supports the breasts, dries quickly and allows the skin to breathe.

A tan through swimsuit is the perfect solution for those who value their health and beauty!

Advantages of Tan Through Swimwear - over regular swimwear

Tan Through Swimwear for Women - addresses the shortcomings of traditional fabric swimwear.

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No white streaks or tanning borders!

Forget those white stripes that ruin evening outfits!

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Smart Swimsuits® dry quickly!

Forget about drying your swimming costume! It dries on your body in minutes.

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The neckline and bikini area is tanned!

Intimate areas are transparent to the sun, not to the gaze.

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Protects skin from ageing and cancer

A swimsuit filters and blocks excess UV rays that cause photo-aging and reduces the risk of skin cancer associated with prolonged exposure to the sun.

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Body shaping

Shaping swimwear fits perfectly to the figure, giving it a slim and graceful appearance. It provides firm breast support and corrects problem areas.

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Smart Swimsuits® as SPF35 cream

SPF 35 sunscreens are familiar to all sunbathers. But if you've got a swimsuit, you'll be applying a lot less chemistry. Less sunscreen consumption!

Tan-through swimwear is divided into one-piece and separates

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One-piece swimsuits:

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Bikini swimwear:

Advice for tan-through swimwear buyers: get the one-piece swimsuit first!

"Sales practice shows that customers who buy bikinis first go on to buy one-pieces. This is because they are more comfortable to wear on holiday. At the same time, one-pieces give you the same even tan as a bikini. So you can start with the one-piece and then buy the separates. Or buy both - at a discount."

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JuliannaDirector of Tan Through Swimwear® online shop

Tan Through Swimwear for Men

A Smart Swimsuits® is not just a swimsuit for women

Mens tan through swimwear is shorts, tank tops, shirts and t-shirts! All made from the same smart fabric. A whole wardrobe of men's beachwear!

Elements and varieties of smart swimwear and clothing

Smart Swimsuits® at the NYFW SHOWS 2022 - fashion bikini runway show

Where can I buy Smart Swimsuits® tan-through swimwear?

Order a Smart Swimsuit® on our website!

Our online shop “Tan Through Swimwear” is a partner – the official distributor of the manufacturer of Smart Swimsuits® in Lithuania – the company RODASALA (UAB “RODASALA”). We guarantee quality and consumer protection.

Swimsuits are delivered all over the world!

You are guaranteed protection against counterfeit Smart Swimsuits®!

Swimsuits based on “Tan Through Swimwear” technology are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, fraudsters have appeared on the market. They sell fake, low-quality swimsuits at throwaway prices.
We are engaged in online sales of smart swimwear retail and wholesale from the manufacturer. We have the details of the legal entity, names of the owners, telephone numbers and references and endorsements from the manufacturer. You can read this information on the “About Us” page of the website.

Customers don’t overpay for Tan Through Swimwear! And get discounts

We sell at manufacturer’s prices. So when you buy swimwear from us, you can be sure that it is original and the price is not inflated, but real. For you, there are discounts and free delivery when you buy from 199 evo..

You are making a safe online purchase at Tan Through Swimwear. Your money is protected

Our online store and the manufacturer are responsible for all warranties in accordance with Spanish and buyer’s country consumer protection legislation. Therefore, when you orderbuy a swimsuit from us, you can rest assured. You are buying it from a stable manufacturing company that has been modelling and sewing Tan Through Swimwear for 8 years.

You get a complete range of swimwear

We have a huge range of Smart Swimsuits® in different colours, patterns and styles:

  • For the biggest sizes,
  • For men,
  • Asymmetrical,
  • Asymmetrical swimsuits,
  • High-waisted swimsuit,
  • High-waisted swimwear,
  • Thigh-length necklines,
  • The tan swimsuit can hide the body in a Muslim burkini swimsuit.

Summary: Why are consumers increasingly choosing smart swimwear?

Because Smart Swimsuits® outperform conventional swimsuits in key features!

A brief summary of the benefits of our Smart Swimsuits:

  • Provides an even tan with no white lines.
  • Protects against the negative effects of the sun’s UVA rays.
  • Maintains the skin: protects against photo ageing.
  • Breathable fabric dries in minutes.
  • Durability: smart swimwear will not fade or lose colour.
  • Smart swimwear will not fade or lose colour.
  • Environmentally friendly, safe.
  • Handmade with author’s drawings and prints.

Incredibly stylish and practical Smart Swimwear is just a step away.

Buy Smart Swimsuits® with delivery right now on our website!

Miami Swim Week 2023 SMART SWIMSUITS Runway

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